wedding-entertainment-ideas-8Wedding music is as important as the food and decoration, and it greatly influences the vibe of your ceremony. Something equally as important is ensuring you have a bar that is fully packed out by the cellar gas suppliers. This will make sure that the beer will taste its best for your guests. contact Need a Bar; a bar hire kent business. They offer one of the best mobile bar hire services around! Most people don’t pay attention to picking the right DJ or band and end up regretting it. Wedding music can help people overlook other flaws and truly enjoy themselves instead of waiting for the event to be over. Even if couples realize the importance of entertainment, finding the right entertainer can prove to be a tough job as it takes a lot of time and effort. One of the biggest things to hire is the venue. Make sure to get agree a venue and hire a Capitall Marquees marquee hire essex. This is great for your guests as it gives them some outdoor space to relax in and enjoy the night if they are getting a bit hot. However, there are some tips for picking the right entertainment for the most important and memorable day of your life.

Vetting the Talent

Even if you have already decided on which entertainer to hire, it is important to vet them properly instead of making your decision based on one performance that you attended years ago. If you’re looking for a string quartet, check out sample demos before you set up a meeting. If you’re hiring a DJ, check out their SoundCloud page, or even check out their management with companies like: It is important to start looking for your wedding music entertainment early so that you can attend their other gigs and performances and experience them firsthand.

Asking Questions

When meeting them, it is important to ask them questions to assess their experience in the field of wedding entertainment. Inquire whether they do this full-time or else you may end up getting voicemail as they fail to show up for the sound check due to their actual job. Ask them if they have performed at your selected venue before; a veteran will be able to ensure that your ceremony goes on smoothly as they’ll be aware of the venue’s setup as well as loading and unloading procedures. Ask them for references from past clients, as it will give you the best picture of the entertainer’s services. Asking for references even if you have experienced their performance firsthand gives a certain level of assurance.

Agreement Should Be in Writing

Whether the entertainer is a friend of a friend or someone you know, don’t ever make a verbal agreement. Once you have made up your mind, sign a written contract so that they can’t wiggle their way out of it at the last moment as that is the worst thing that could happen to your wedding plans. Make sure you get everything in writing, including details such as the start and end time of the show, loading and unloading time, venue of the wedding, and key man stipulation (which means that the lead performer or singer can’t be swapped without prior notice). Play and don’t-play list that can be altered later and give the entertainer something to start with. Other details such as cancellation or refund policy should also be agreed upon, so if the band rebooks the date or if you cancel the event, you can get your deposited amount back. Total fee and overtime charges should also be decided.